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Rob Gronkowski Announces New Line Of CBD Products, Leaves Door In a statement, the FDA said, “There are many unanswered questions about the science, safety, and quality of products containing CBD…There is very limited available information about CBD Meet the 15 Pro Athletes Advocating for CBD – Penguin CBD He credits CBD with making his career in this rough sport far easier by easing his recovery and lessening his pain. 12. Eugene Monroe. Eugene Monroe, a former defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, was the first NFL player to come out publicly in support of the benefits CBD can offer to athletes. He retired in 2016, having suffered a More Professional NFL Football Players Voice Support for CBD Use Several retired players from the NFL presently use CBD to treat their inflammation and pain. A researcher from Temple University expressed that additional research with humans, rather than animals, is needed for CBD. The use of cannabis in nearly every job is frowned upon, especially in the world of professional sports. Considering the substance has […] NFL Players Seek Change in League’s Marijuana Policy Following

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NFL Exploring CBD As Possible Treatment For Football Players - The NFL is remaining open to CBD, but remains firm there’s not enough evidence and research to recommend it for players. The National Football League announced last year its intention to study marijuana as a potential pain management tool for its players. This week, the NFL took its first steps

NFL | Project CBD

Rob Gronkowski's CBD venture could sack a potential NFL comeback Gronkowski is one of a growing number of former NFL players who support CBD and other cannabis-related products as an alternative to opioid-based painkillers. What are the Benefits Football Players are Getting from CBD and It’s estimated that former NFL players suffer from opioid addiction at four times the rate of the general population. Not only are cannabinoids CBD and THC known to help in the management of difficult to treat pain, but there is also emerging evidence in the role cannabis in opioid use disorder. NFL | Project CBD The benefits of CBD-rich cannabis concentrates for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) are well-known among football players and other pro athletes. But the U.S. government still maintains that cannabis is a dangerous drug with no medical value. DEFY Performance Drinks | Defy the Everyday

The PGA and pro tennis allow players to use CBD, but it remains prohibited in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. In May, the NFL and NFL Players Association formed joint medical committees to look into alternative therapies to help football players manage pain and behavioral health, as well as promote wellness for players. The Joint Pain Management

Several other former NFL players have gotten into the CBD business after their careers ended, including three-time Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski, who partnered with topical medication firm NFL Football Player Matt Wilhelm Features Clean Remedies CBD Matt Wilhelm was a former NFL player, and currently treats his pain with CBD. Clean Remedies was one of the 140 vendors to attend and feature new products at the Southern Hemp Expo. At the second annual Southern Hemp Expo, attendees were welcomed by dozens of new products in the industry. Of the vendors at […] 4 Former NFL Players Announce Investing in Cannabis | The Denver Terrell Davis, former running back and Hall of Famer for the Denver Broncos, used this year’s Super Bowl as the most opportune time to announce his partnership with Defy, a CBD infused sports drink. Davis says CBD helped him during his time spent playing in the NFL. He believes CBD can help athletes in sports and that’s one of the main