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Arizona Court Rules Medical Marijuana Extracts Are Illegal Under this ruling, CBD would also be illegal as it is an extract from the cannabis plant. A final ruling is still expected from the Arizona Supreme Court, and so is an appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court regarding this recent ruling. But, until then, marijuana extracts (concentrates) are illegal for anyone to possess in Arizona. Share this story: Legality of cannabis - Wikipedia Illegal, but a cannabis warning or an on-the-spot fine ("Penalty Notice for Disorder") may be issued for simple possession instead of prosecution. [231] Legal for cases of severe epilepsy , vomiting or nausea caused by chemotherapy, or multiple sclerosis when prescribed by a registered specialist doctor. Arizona Marijuana Laws | PotGuide.com

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In a major legal setback to the state's medical-marijuana community, the Arizona Court of Appeals has ruled that cannabis extracts commonly sold in state dispensaries are illegal. The ruling affects what the court and Arizona law calls "hashish," or the resin extracted from marijuana. Medical marijuana consumers also know it as hash oil, shatter, wax, and other names. It's become one of the

Arizona Cannabis Law Updates - Arizona Paralegal Association Arizona Cannabis Law Updates Arizona Paralegal Annual Convention April 20, 2018 Speaker: Sonia Martinez, Esq. Guide to Presentation • Nuts of Bolts of Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Act • Related Federal regulations and policies • Arizona Status Upd 3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed - YouTube 10.06.2018 · We take a fair look at some of the best counter arguments for legalization and see how they hold up in review. Support us on Patreon so we can make more vide

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Arizona Judge Rules Medical Cannabis Extracts Are Illegal • High We’ve gotten reports that an Arizona judge has ruled that medical cannabis extracts are illegal. We have also just learned that in Arizona, there is a legal difference between marijuana and Cannabis bleibt vorerst illegal - DAZ.online bj/ral | Der Gesundheitsausschuss des Bundestages hat vergangene Woche zwei Anträge zur Legalisierung von „Freizeit-Cannabis“ abgelehnt. Auch die Sozialdemokraten stimmten gegen die Cannabis für alle? | NDR.de - Fernsehen - Sendungen A-Z - 45 Min