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Durga Mata II CBD (Paradise Seeds) femminizzata - Zamnesia La parola "Durga" in sanscrito significa "l'inaccessibile" o "l'invincibile". Nell'induismo, la Divinità Durga protegge i suoi devoti da tutti i mali del mondo, e, allo stesso tempo, elimina le loro miserie. Esiste anche il termine "Durgati Nashini", che tradotto letteralmente significa "colui che elimina le sofferenze", un attributo che la Durga Mata II CBD segue alla lettera. Top 10 CBD Sorten - Zativo Der einzige große Unterschied zwischen Durga Mata II CBD und dem Original ist der CBD Gehalt - der bei 8,5%, mit einem begleitenden THC Gehalt von 7% liegt. Außer ihrem hohen CBD Gehalt, ist der andere Grund, warum Durga Mata II CBD so beliebt ist, daß sie extrem vielseitig ist. Sie ist einfach aufzuziehen, beständig gegen Anfängerfehler Durga Mata Cannabis Strain Information | Leafly Durga Mata, bred by Paradise Seeds, is an indica-driven strain. Despite being 90% indica, it acts unlike other predominately indica strains. With flavors best described as reminiscent of Turkish Durga Mata II CBD Marijuana Monday – TucsonHouseOfCannabis

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Durga Mata II CBD. 26,00 € Mehr lesen. Durga Mata II CBD. 26,00 € Eine stabile Sorte, gezüchtet wegen ihrer medizinischen Qualitäten, mit einem h.. Review : Préroulés Durga Mata 2 : Espace Cannabis Ce produit préroulé contient Durga Mata 2, une indica riche en CBD avec un faible taux de THC. Ses fleurs sont de densité moyenne et d’un vert franc, recouvertes de poils orangés. Ses arômes sont boisés, fruités et sucrés. Les produits Namaste proviennent de chez Zenabis.

Durga Mata II is a light strain, with low amounts of THC and CBD. With 7% THC and 8-9% CBD, intoxication is highly unlikely. Consequently, this strain is usable at any time of the day. Because CBD is not psychoactive and actually counters the effects of THC, any highs will be brief and mild – if at all. Beginners should definitely consider this strain, due to its weak potential for

16 Apr 2017 (2) Durga Mata II Indica 90% Sativa 10% I got 6 seeds coming 3 are cbd skunk haze or cbd kush onenof those two(forget which one exactly it  Durga Mata by Paradise Seeds will give you a large amount of incredibly heavy buds with a sweet and fruity taste. It'll give you a very relaxing body high. Lange Zeit hatte sich die weltweite wissenschaftliche und medizinische Cannabisforschung fast ausschließlich mit der Erkundung des Cannabinoids THC  Durga Mata II CBD is a reliable plant with a sturdy flower clustered main stem at the end of the flowering period oozing with resin, the rock hard buds have a  DM2 is indica dominant with high levels of CBD and low THC. A good option for patients looking for a high CBD strain. Buy DM2 online. BC Durga Mata | Flowr Indica-Dominant THC: 14-16% CBD: 0-1%. Flowr's BC Durga Mata is a unique Indica hybrid. Expertly grown in an indoor facility in  17 Apr 2019 B.C. Durga Mata II CBD by the FLOWR group. THC:CBD - 4.9%:9.7%. Cost- 11$g @ Delta 9 in Winnipeg Genetics- 100% indica Backcrossed 

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Durga Mata II CBD Feminised Seeds: Paradise Seeds Durga Mata II CBD has been developed by Paradise Seeds as a powerful medical marijuana strain. Durga Mata II CBD feminised has been bred from Paradise Seeds’ Durga Mata feminised strain which was already popular with medical users for its warm relaxing indica stone. Namaste Durga Mata 2 - Loose Buds - Cannabis NB This high-CBD, low-THC Durga Mata 2 strain is indica-dominant. It has minty and earthy aromas with scents of sweet citrus. It is a good selection for less experienced consumers or those looking for a higher level of CBD. Namaste Durga Mata 2 Review CBD WEED - YouTube 15.05.2019 · I do not own any rights to the music playing in m video.